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4 Innovation Strategy Examples from Thriving Innovation Systems

The innovation economy is here. In the wake of disruption from the COVID-19 economic crisis, business leaders have an opportunity to rebuild our technology-based, knowledge-focused economy for the future. Traditional economics worked for the industrial era, but it will take a forward-thinking innovation strategy and macroeconomic perspective to fuel long-term growth in the digital age. And we know how to do it.


In this eBook, we’ll walk you through a series of innovation strategy examples that produced economic growth for our clients.  You’ll discover:

  1. The purpose and value of an employer-driven innovation strategy

  2. How corporate leaders can grow their own market and through economic development

  3. Four macroeconomic innovation strategy tactics with enormous impact on private business 

  4. Case study examples that showcase innovation strategy results for existing clients

  5. Real testimonials on behalf of major businesses, investors, cities, and educational institutions

  6. Data to support the value of private-public collaboration and macroeconomic vision

  7. How Waymaker Group can help you get started

Innovation Strategies Book Cover-01.png

Get the eBook.

What best describes you?

Waymaker Group is passionate about reshaping regional economies around sustainable, synergistic growth factors that will benefit all stakeholders—corporate business, entrepreneurs, government, and academia alike.  Our nationally-recognized team features specialized expertise in all areas of the innovation ecosystem. We use a combination of innovation strategies to align and partner leaders from the private and public sector around achievable, mutual goals.

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