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City leaders had forged a vision but lacked a 21st Century growth plan that integrated
technology growth and skilled-talent development. Included in the expansion plan, the city
needed help identifying gaps, and building and funding cluster programs around its strongest
sectors — biotech, aerospace and energy.


In addition, the city needed help forming an independent governing body to work closely with
stakeholders to speed the transition from vision alignment to real-world implementation.


Beginning in December of 2021, Waymaker began leveraging the existing data,
analytics and strategic plans to develop a 1-, 3- and 5-year strategic roadmap that shared
directional guidance and named organizational, financial and leadership resources required to
support the growth of OKCID.


Next, we executed an assessment and developed a strategy for build-out of new research core
facilities and Innovation District development. This strategy ensured the optimization of public
research and development assets within the District and enabled the accurate communication of
resources to outside, private industry. We interviewed 40+ stakeholders as part of our research,
assessed real estate and community development opportunities and conducted best-practice site
tours. Upon completion of the assessment, we were confident in our P3 recommendations and
designs for the three clusters.


Finally, Waymaker worked with OKCID to further develop the board, advisory board, a complete
governance plan, a committee structure, and a narrative we could take public. By June 2022, the
narrative provided national recognition of OKCIDs thought leaders and subject matter experts,
and provided incentive to private industry and technology investors interested in supporting the
District’s next phase of evolution and growth.


  •  Strategic Plan and implementation strategy which includes:
    » Staffing plan
    » Budget projections
    » Key hiring assistance

  • 3-year Fundraising Strategy that resulted in the awards below


  • Awarded $35 million from EDA (2022) to expand biotechnology in Oklahoma City

  •  Awarded $8.4 million from State of Oklahoma (ARPA 2022)

  • We consulted on the design and build of Innovation Hall, which currently includes 7,500 sf and
    is expanding to ~10,000 sf to include a workforce training center


“The workforce gap analysis Julie completed for Austin led to an increased focus on talent
development and political engagement which led to a partnership with the City of Austin.”
- David Altounian, Associate Dean, St. Edward’s University (Bill Munday School of Business)

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