Our work drives innovative, inclusive, and sustainable growth in the heartland. 

Working in collaboration with leaders from key institutions, firms, and sectors, Waymaker Group helps emerging cities deploy strategies that spur vibrant innovation districts inspired by an authentic sense of place.

Austin, Texas

Until the last decade, Austin’s identity had little to do with technology or explosive growth. It was known to locals and the rest of the country as a sleepy college town. When Austin emerged as a booming center for tech startups, entrepreneurs struggled to gain access to investment capital and had uncertainty around the city’s ability to meet future workforce demand. 

See how Waymaker helped quantify the value of Austin tech, provide occupational and skills-level insight into the city’s market strengths, and inventory funding options for Austin’s entrepreneurs. 

Image by Jeremy Doddridge

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha has had its share of wins in the last decade, specifically, new jobs and capital investment along the I-94 corridor. Impressive for a community sandwiched in between two urban areas. However, Kenosha faced several headwinds, most notably a decline in manufacturing and an exodus of talent. 

See how Waymaker helped Kenosha capitalize on decades of industry and academic partnerships to expedite the planning of an  innovation district rooted in the city’s rich history. 

Image by Brandon Jacoby

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee was at a crossroads. On the one hand, the city had a sizable technology talent ecosystem. Conversely, there were signs of lagging tech talent growth compared to peers. This spelled potential trouble for businesses in an area that relied on that talent for more than $27 billion in regional economic output.

See how Waymaker's data-driven strategic plan capitalized on the city’s business history and the groundwork already laid by local leaders to help fuel faster innovation and growth. 

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Waymaker Group Partners with MKE Tech Hub to Jumpstart Inclusive Tech

Waymaker Group was honored to be able to help MKE Tech Hub, a non-profit membership organization, identify funding and plan a more vibrant and inclusive tech ecosystem. 

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