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The Next Economy in Action

When we think of innovation clusters, the coastal superstars—like L.A., Boston, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area—come to mind. But the truth is that the Next Economy is already thriving throughout America, from sea to shining sea. Dozens of small and mid-sized industrial communities across the American Heartland are uniquely poised to rise up and become global-scale innovation centers in the near future. But which cities will do what it takes to transform? Those who act first will win big.


Waymaker Group knows what makes the Next Economy tick, and we’ve gathered a lineup of three example cities (Pittsburgh, Winston-Salem, and Milwaukee) to show you the assets and opportunities that ignite economic transformation. Inside, you’ll discover:

  1. Why heartland communities are set to excel in the Next Economy

  2. The strategies that retain local talent and attract coastal innovators

  3. How to structure a Next Economy innovation center

  4. 3 examples of cities that embraced the Next Economy (and how it's going!)

  5. Changes in the geography of VC investment over the last 10 years

  6. How a smaller market with fewer assets attracts anchor institutions

  7. Why messaging and regional branding are such critical ingredients

  8. How Waymaker Group helped the MKE Tech Hub thrive!

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Waymaker Group is passionate about reshaping regional economies around sustainable, synergistic growth factors that will benefit all stakeholders—corporate business, entrepreneurs, government, and academia alike.  Our nationally-recognized team features specialized expertise in all areas of the innovation ecosystem. We use a combination of innovation strategies to align and partner leaders from the private and public sector around achievable, mutual goals.

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