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The Value of Innovation Districts

No two innovation districts are exactly alike. Some redevelop unused urban tracts into attractive New Economy spaces. Others mix work and play in newly-urbanized science parks that used to stand isolated from the community.  Whatever design your community leverages, the goal is the same: to create a thriving innovation community that ignites economic growth.

Waymaker Group knows what it takes—and why it matters. We’ll walk you through the benefits of planning an innovation district in your community, with examples drawn from nine burgeoning cities around the nation. Inside our free eBook, you’ll discover:

  1. The traits that define an “innovation district”

  2. Key assets and conditions that help in creating one

  3. Examples in the Heartland: Cleveland, Kenosha, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and more!

  4. The impact of an innovation district on your community
    (and region)

  5. Why this is the perfect moment to start planning your district

  6. How intentions will vary by market size

  7. Three general archetypes of innovation districts

  8. Six benefits of an innovation district

  9. The Waymaker Group strategies that will get you started

Value of Innovation Districts eBook Cover
Get the eBook.
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Waymaker Group is passionate about reshaping regional economies around sustainable, synergistic growth factors that will benefit all stakeholders—corporate business, entrepreneurs, government, and academia alike.  Our nationally-recognized team features specialized expertise in all areas of the innovation ecosystem. We use a combination of innovation strategies to align and partner leaders from the private and public sector around achievable, mutual goals.

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