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How can America's middle-tier cities become hubs for innovation?

Innovation ecosystems are complex yet achievable for middle-tier markets. While we know the list of ingredients for successful innovation ecosystems is long—visionary leadership, equitable access to learning and training, engaged businesses, generational and racial diversity, political will, access to healthcare, etc.—we also know there are practical steps you can take today to lay a strong foundation
for the decades to come. This eBook is chock full of the following topics:

  1. Shifting to an inclusive services-based economy

  2. Centering your economic development strategy around your people and place

  3. Leveraging existing buildings and infrastructure for adaptive reuse

  4. Being bold—and authentic

  5. Centering your growth around nurturing local talent

  6. Advancing economic development as a regional, team sport

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What best describes you?

Waymaker Group is passionate about reshaping regional economies around sustainable, synergistic growth factors that will benefit all stakeholders—corporate business, entrepreneurs, government, and academia alike.  Our nationally-recognized team features specialized expertise in all areas of the innovation ecosystem. We use a combination of innovation strategies to align and partner leaders from the private and public sector around achievable, mutual goals.

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