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We're a catalyst for a more competitive America.

Waymaker Group is a full-service technology economic development firm focused on jumpstarting innovation ecosystems. We help mid-market cities define their technology specialties, develop funding strategies for mixed-use innovation spaces, attract anchor tenants, build diverse talent pipelines, and gain access to the millions of public and private dollars available for buildout. 


Who We Serve

  • Governments seeking to build a stronger, more sustainable economy

  • Corporates looking to put down roots where they can scale in an inclusive and meaningful way

  • Nonprofits dedicated to improving the lives of the people in the communities they serve

  • Higher Education looking to forge strategic innovation partnerships with government and private companies

Discover how we can best serve you.

Meet the people driving our mission.

After more than a decade of front-line experience in TBED, our team of nationally renowned, hands-on experts brings empathy, and hard-earned lessons and best practices that inform risk, support investment decisions, and shortcut know-how.  


Our thirty-plus years of career experience brings with it a deep national network, and experts in science, technology, commercialization, tech transfer, talent attraction, and real estate. Our reputation is built on our relational, genuine, and no-nonsense approach to service, and our long-term commitment to our clients' success. 



BE A DOER: More than consultants, we are doers. We roll up our sleeves and work proactively as a team to get shovels in the ground in half the time.


MAKE ROOM AT THE TABLE: We orchestrate deep collaboration between diverse stakeholders and champion communities in pursuit of equitable opportunity and growth.

BE BOLD AND TAKE RISKS: We never shy from challenging the status quo. We lead emerging cities fearlessly into the future with new ideas that shape a better path forward.

See what sets us apart.

Let's innovate. 

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"Waymaker’s depth in technology and innovation economies has guided Kenosha in developing a new value proposition to initiate a deliberate approach to build a special technology community never before considered. We enjoy working with their talented team and trust that they will continue to help us optimize progressive economic opportunities."

- Heather Wessling, Vice President, Kenosha Area Business Alliance

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