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Funding News Roundup

June 20, 2024

Waymaker's Program Design Specialist Mary Anne Phillippi and Economic Consultant D​allas Browning share their thoughts from the latest TBED funding report from SSTI. To explore further, we've compiled additional resources with more detailed insights and recommendations. 

How can America's middle tier cities become hubs for innovation?

A framework for addressing the complexities of population loss, talent migration and economic reinvention in smaller urban centers

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Innovation Toolkit Cover

Innovation: What it is and why it's critical to the health of regional economies

The Value of Innovation Districts

No two innovation districts are exactly alike. Some redevelop unused urban tracts into attractive New Economy spaces. Others mix work and play in newly-urbanized science parks that used to stand isolated from the community. Whatever design your community leverages, the goal is the same: to create a thriving innovation community that ignites economic growth.

Value of Innovation Districts Cover
The Next Economy Cover

The Next Economy in Action

Waymaker Group knows what makes the Next Economy tick, and we’ve gathered a lineup of three example cities (Pittsburgh, Winston-Salem, and Milwaukee) to show you the assets and opportunities that ignite economic transformation.

4 Innovation Strategy Examples from Thriving Innovation Ecosystems

The innovation economy is here. In the wake of disruption from the COVID-19 economic crisis, business leaders have an opportunity to rebuild our technology-based, knowledge-focused economy for the future.

Innovation Strategies Cover

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